Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I went for a pathetic run yesterday that lasted for only 15 minutes because I was sweating. When I run in Humboldt I don't sweat. Some things are going to take a little getting used to. :)

Squirrels on the roof

There are squirrels running from one tree to another across the roof. I actually have a roof over my head now instead of another apartment. It is so nice to be living in a place with a yard again, especially because the weather is great here, with high around 75 degrees.

I spent all day yesterday moving furniture around, unpacking, and cleaning. Today Alex and I will be taking large loads of dishes, ugly furniture, and clothes to the thrift store.

I thought it would take a few days to adjust to living in the house I grew up in and having the master bedroom instead of my little bedroom. In fact, it's like I never left. Everything feels so natural. Hearing the same sounds of the house, doing the same routines like taking out the trash and feeding Sparky, they all feel easy. Not to mention yelling at my brother. It is really weird to think that I have been gone for 4 years. I also forgot how funny it is to look out into the backyard and watch the cows walk by.

On the agenda for today: pull weeds in the garden, prune some shrubs outside my bedroom window to let more light in, thrift store, get fingerprinted AGAIN (long story), and sweep the patios.

I will probably make some eggs for dinner.

I miss everybody in Humboldt and I'm hoping to make the house nice ASAP so that my amigos can come over and visit me and enjoy some fun in the sun!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I am making a vow

To have a night like this every time I am in Humboldt County :)


I am going to miss babysitting this adorable little girl:

Babysitting Emily makes me think about kids in two different ways: 1) Right now there is no way in hell I would want a kid right now or ever OR 2) Wow, it is really rewarding and amazing to watch a little baby grow and change and that would be an amazing experience.

Whatever decision I make, I know that if I do choose to make a little poop machine, I want to be in a great position financially and not have to work!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

School's (almost) Out For Summer!

Three finals left but I am finally done with classes! And I am done on Wednesday!

The next step will be starting to pack up the apartment : ( It is so weird that I am going to be leaving Humboldt for over a year...Gotta learn to skype so I can keep up with my friends back in the States! It is also quite surreal that I am going to be living in Spain for eight months...

On a different note: Happy Mothers Day! To all the moms out there but especially to my friend Richelle, because she has such a beautiful baby girl! I'm going to miss Emily!

She sure does love her Cheerios!