Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow in Palma!

It started snowing last night and when I got up this morning this is what I saw! As Evan always says, "Isn't this a tropical island?!?", which is not true but everyone thinks of Mallorca as a summer getaway. It was really fun walking through the snow to go grocery shopping. 

This is the awful from our bedroom window. 
Today is Saturday. They started drilling and hammering the siding off the apartment building this morning at 9 RIGHT ABOVE OUR WINDOW!!! I never want to live in an apartment building this big again. Or ever if that were an option. 

Look at the palm trees covered in snow!

The EstaciĆ³n looks so pretty!

Everybody was out and about playing and taking pictures in the snow. It was a good time for people watching. This really makes me want a snowy weekend up on Spyrock with some Great White and some good friends. The substitute will have to be some pomada and good friends!