Friday, July 22, 2011

Summer Fun

I am having such a good summer! All the correct documents for our Spanish visas are slowly being accrued. I took Alex up to Laytonville for the first time and he saw a nice view of the real "country living" lifestyle. Oh yeah, and being a brother-in-law (weird to say that). The family and I had a good time camping in Prarie Creek (minus Evan because he was working) and I am having a blast with my best friend Jordan! We are having such a good girls weekend and are getting tattoos today! Also Tapas tonight to try a little Spanish food!

Us hiking Pig Rock in Laytonville

Hiking around Fern Canyon

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our Wedding 7/1/11

Two days ago Evan and I got married! We got married in the County Clerks Office at 4 and then partied all night! I was super nervous all day and I am so glad that it is over with! Evan's parents, my parents, Alex, Evan's grandpa Doug, and our friends Mike, Michelle, Waldon, Jordan, and Garrett were all there. Jordan took all of these awesome pictures for us. Afterwards (after lots of champagne at my parents house), we went out to dinner at Kobe Steakhouse, which is a tepenyaki restaurant, and had a delicious dinner. Then we went to our house and drank more champagne and played beer pong. Travis and Linda (Evan's parents) played my parents at beer pong and my parents won. It was hilarious to watch. We also ate delicious cheesecake from Cheesecakes Unlimited for dessert. Then Kassie and her boyfriend Danny came over and it was really good to spend some time with them. The night wound down around 3 in the morning so we slept in til 10:30.

We had such a blast but I am happy it is over so I can catch up on some sleep! It was great when we woke up yesterday morning because Jordan had cleaned up the whole house! We all went over to my parents house for waffles with delicious Farmers Market strawberries and blackberries. Then everybody left except for Evan's parents and we decided to head over to the Sundial Bridge to see the Arboretum. That's when disaster struck....

We were walking towards the bridge and I told Evan to look at something and he stubbed his toe on the metal cyclone fencing that the city put up to keep people out of the bushes on 4th of July. He looked down and went white (whiter than he already is lol). The metal essentially sliced really deep through his toenail and further up his toe and was bleeding profusely. I patched up my new husband in the parking lot and whisked him away to a health clinic for a tetnus shot and some potential stitches. I got to fill out all the paperwork for him as his wife, which was very convenient because he was pretty shaken up and had a hard time writing. After getting glued (not stiched) back together we got him some whiskey and went to watch the USA v. Columbia Women's World Cup game. He is very happy because he is not going to lose his toenail, it will probably just have a ridge in it where it was sliced through.

Today we are doing absolutely nothing and enjoying having a quiet house! Except for Alex's metal music that is.