Thursday, September 8, 2011

You Know Your Italian When...

You take a bite out of a peproncini directly out of the jar and squirt yourself in the face and arms with vinegar.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Long Hair No Longer

That title is not actually true but that is ok. Evan and I have appointments to get our hair cut this coming Monday! I am super excited and Evan is not. He doesn't want to cut his hair and he doesn't want me to cut my hair. I think he is going to find that having short "boy" hair is much more low maintenance than a ponytail. It is going to be weird to see him with short hair! For me, I'm just sick and tried of spending 10-15 minutes brushing and untangling it and getting it caught on things, so on and so forth. I will probably continue to grow my hair out for a couple years and then chop it off because I love my long hair. This will be my third time donating my hair to Locks of Love. Maybe next time I'll grow it all the way down to my butt! It took almost 4 years to grow it out this time because I had so many layers that I had to grow out to make it all one length. This time when I cut it I will get minimal layers and no bangs so it will be way easy!

In other news, our reception was a great success, albeit quite stressful leading up to it. Everybody really loved Kenwood and I think it would be fun to do an annual anniversary party there but without planning a party. Just tell everybody what days we would be there and to bring their own food, booze, sleeping bags, etc.

I felt really spoiled and ungrateful because a lot of people asked me if Evan and I go to Kenwood a lot and I would have to tell them no because we don't. I realized later that the reason we don't is because going to Laytonville to visit Evan's parents is essentially the same thing but wayyy more beautiful and remote but with much better living accommodations. It was amazing seeing most of my family and friends all together in one area mixing and mingling and having a great time! And getting a little bit trashed haha.

Exactly 21 days until we fly to Mallorca! So crazy! Evan and I have started budgeting and making lists of what to pack. It is getting very nerve racking but so exciting! I imagine the first couple weeks there are going to be stressful and crazy until we get settled in.

Speaking of stressful, when we were packing up at Kenwood yesterday I ran over my duffle bag with my car!!!! I can't believe I forgot it was there and was horrified because my glasses and BEAUTIFUL RING were in there!!! I sprinted over there and my ring was perfectly fine with a little scratch on the box luckily. My glasses case was crushed but somehow my glasses were fine! My bottles of contact solution got squished but didn't explode. Basically I got extremely lucky. And to think I was keeping my ring in its box to keep it safe.

I had a dream the other night that the opal fell out of my ring. It was a bad dream. I don't think I'm meant to own nice things lol.