Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunny days!

So it has been sunny basically everyday I have been in Humboldt (which is totally not normal)! I had fun yesterday pulling up some invasive species out at the Ma'Lel Dunes yesterday morning. I had lunch with my friend Richelle and saw her cute 3 month old daughter Emily. Then I went for a walk on the beach in the beautiful sun. It's really good to be back up here.

I will probably go for a run today and see how far I can make it on the 6 mile loop I figured out.

Yo necesito hacer mi tarea de Español.

Friday, August 27, 2010

And it has begun again...

The first week of school is over and I successfully crashed the class I needed so I am taking 16 units. I am basically moved into Jordan and Garrett's place minus some clothes that I forgot to bring and other things. The weather has been gorgeous this week, which is quite surprising for Humboldt. I have gotten the hang of taking the bus to and from McKinleyville to school everyday. I am totally loving my soccer class; the level of play is perfect for me and there are a lot more girls than there were the last time I played. Besides the fact I have 10 minutes to change and get to class afterwards it is awesome! So far my classes seem pretty cool; Spanish Composition is going to be pretty hard but I think I can manage. Love seeing my botany friends almost everyday in Microfungi and Forest Pathology. My 2 general ed classes are going to be pretty easy and one is online! Hooray! Evan left for Laytonville yesterday to go back to work after helping me settle in here and it totally sucks not seeing him! He is coming up here next Friday because (I'm totally freaking out about this) his parents are coming up for Blues by the Bay and my parents and Alex (parents are still happily dating remarkably) are coming over to visit for my dad's 61st birthday (old!) and we are all going out to dinner together!!!! My dad has met Evan's parents but not my mom or Alex. I know it will be fine but I am totally nervous! They are like wayyy opposite from my parents. Bleh.

Anways... I picked up the first week of our farmshare today and got so much good stuff! Strawberries, tomatoes, zucchini, broccoli, lettuce, potatoes, carrots, basil and cilantro! Not to mention some beautiful flowers! Yay for local, organic food!

I have been applying for a bunch of jobs so hopefully I get one that is temporary so I can actually do things over winter break.

Another exciting thing is that I have potentially found some clients (the woman that I go to to get waxed and her boyfriend) for Evan to make websites for once he moves up here after the construction season is over. It would be totally awesome if he could establish a successful website design business up here.

Oh yeah, I also signed up for a futsal league, which should be really fun and plays right here in McKinleyville! For anybody who doesn't know (so probably most lol) Mckinleyville is 7 miles north of Arcata, which is where the school is, so I can't walk to school anymore :(.

Overall it is nice to be back in school and see friends again!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Me disfruto escuchar libros en español!

Hooray for audiobooks in Spanish! I just downloaded The Metamorphosis in spanish, which I'm sure some of us remember from freshman year honors english lol.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Back from Hike

Soooo our little backpacking trip didn't quite turn out as expected. We ended up hiking 8.5 miles instead of 2 in one day and didn't get to the campground until 7:15, where we quickly pitched the tent, ate dinner, and started a fire before it got dark. And there were tooooo many mosquitos. Oh yeah and then it rained. So we didn't get up the next day until it stopped raining. And because we are whimps and were really sore our friends Jordan and Garrett came and picked us up at Fern Canyon so we only had to hike 2.7 miles instead of 8.5 again. And we had delicious sushi for dinner along with a delicious shower so that made it all better.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Peppy, Evan's dog, got sprayed by a skunk tonight and it was pretty much the worst smell ever.

Leaving for backpacking tomorrow at 9 am sharp!

I'm bummed we are going to miss soccer on Tuesday but that's alright.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Excited for the camping/backpacking/seeing friends in Arcata trip that Evan and I are taking on Sunday. I finally get to test out my new backpack! I wish we could go for longer than 3 days but I'm going to be a back in school again really soon so there is no time for anything more.

I just bought a book on tape that is en Español so I'm hoping that is going to make me be on top of my Spanish game for when school starts so I can kick ass at my 2 spanish classes and be ready if we end up going to Costa Rica in the winter! Right after Lana and Matt's wedding of course!

I just signed up for a soccer class too, which I am really excited about! I have really missed playing soccer these last couple of years but didn't really know it until I started playing pick up this summer.

To do list:

Figure out what I am going to need when school starts and what I should actually bring to Jordan and Garrett's apartment

Finish planning out camping trip

Start reading new spanish book for my spanish composition class, which sounds like it is going to be really hard!

OK the best way to learn the names and locations of the countries of the world is to play this game:

And they also have ones for each continent and the states as well. It has helped me so much!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Twin Peaks Hike

OMG I found an orchid on our hike today! A wild one! Native to northern coastal California! Piperia candida, or the White-Flowered Rein Orchid! And it is endangered in California! Holy Shit!

Lots of pictures from the hike, which was really fun. Twin peaks is on the neighboring property of Evan's parents. Very beautiful to look out at and climb!

We got a badmitton net and have been playing for the last couple days and it has been so fun! I can only imagine the drunk badmitton fun lol. It makes me miss tennis too. And playing with my brother and Lana and Jared in the backyard of my dad's house.

I think my PMS has gotten a lot worse since going off birth control. I'm getting over emotional about little things, which sucks. I've never really had PMS before. Lame. But it is definitely worth having a sex drive again.