Wednesday, May 23, 2012

¡Vamos a la Playa!

I went to the Palma beach today with Evan, Kayla and one of her friends who is visiting. The weather was a bit windy but nice and hot enough to lay out and soak up some sun. The water is still pretty cold and I only got in up to my butt.

I can't believe that my family arrives in six days and I only have five more days left of work! Everything is going so fast! Jordan is leaving this Saturday too.

Tomorrow Evan and I are going to go visit one of the last farms on my list for my sustainable agriculture project and then grab some lunch with Mary, Jessica, and Jordan at a delicious organic, vegetarian restaurant in Inca.

I feel like I am slowly accepting the fact that I am going back to California and Humboldt and starting to warm up to the idea a bit more. I think that actually seeing my family in person is going to make me more excited about going back.

My brother is going to be moving to Humboldt sooner than he originally thought and will probably be there by the time I move over. Looks like we can both look for jobs together. Oh boy. I'm definitely going to need to after I buy contacts, get my glasses prescription fixed, and get a checkup...all with no dental insurance.

It is so weird too that pretty soon Evan and I will have been married for a whole year. It went by so fast. Pretty soon we will have been together for five years. I will be a couple weeks away from graduating college when we have our five year anniversary! So many things to celebrate!

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  1. Its great to read your blog every once in awhile and see how you guys are doing! Funny how much has changed and how they are still the same!

    You guys are all going to have so much funny together back in Humboldt! Wish I could still be a part of it but C'est la vie :)